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Monthly Archives: July 2014

Trends in 2014 – Wired

Integrating smart technology into home design is important to homeowners.  Currently, most are asking for appliances, lights, and alarm systems that can be controlled from their smart phones.  Little details, like outlets with built in USB chargers or digital command centers are becoming mainstream.  And, many homeowners are asking for Ethernet wire to be run […]

Trends in 2014 – Made in the USA

Consumers are placing more value on American made products, and homeowners are asking for American made building materials as well.  Smart businesses will be touting their red, white and blue roots hoping to connect with homeowners who prefer to buy “Made in the USA” rather than from an overseas competitor.  Comsumer Reports sees this as one […]

Trends for 2014 – Indoor & Outdoor Living

Architects and builders are being asked to create outdoor spaces as part of the overall home design with sliding glass doors that lead to outdoor “rooms” for entertaining, such as dining rooms, kitchens, or integrated guest quarters.  Pools are being integrated into landscaping, and homeowners are asking for heating and cooling systems that can be […]

Trends for 2014 – Storm Proof Architecture

From hurricane shutters to raised houses, traditional Louisiana architecture has evolved with an understanding that we live in a place where hurricanes happen.  But now in this post-Katrina era, homeowners build and renovate with an eye towards how their homes will withstand a major storm.  Homes are being designed to better stand up to the […]

Trends for 2014 – Mission Control Style Kitchens

In the past, the kitchen was built towards the back of the house and attached to the garage.  In the past two decades, builders have seen the kitchen become more and more of a focal point in the design and architecture of the house.  Almost like a hub, kitchens are now placed in the center […]