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7 Ways to Add Luxury in the Kitchen

The kitchen is truly the heart of the home, and it is no secret that DMM loves to design them. The best thing about remodeling or creating a custom kitchen is that it combines practicality and function with beauty and design. Adding simple features like lighting and built-ins can make the space work better for a family while simultaneously expressing their personality and design preferences. The simplest touches can elevate a kitchen and make it a genuinely luxurious space!

1) High ceilings with custom finishes

An easy way to make a kitchen feel larger and more high-end is to take design from the floor to the ceiling. We love exposed beams, recessed lighting, or crown molding in the kitchen. Take things a step further and add finishes like hardwood, shiplap, or even metal tiles to really express your design sense in the kitchen.

2) Custom vent hood

Choosing a vent hood that fits with the style of your home is another way to add custom luxury in the kitchen. While metal finishes lend themselves to a more industrial feel, someone looking for a farmhouse feel may choose white washed wood. If you have higher ceilings, extending the vent hood all the way to the molding draws the eye up and leaves the room feeling larger.

3) Beautiful backsplash

From tile to stone to pebbles and glass, the possibilities for a backsplash are endless. They can be more neutral for a clean finish, or express the design style of the family with a pop of color. You can even extend your backsplash all the way up to the ceiling behind floating shelves, creating a unique design feature in your home.

4) Built-in seating

The kitchen is the perfect place for casual dining, and built in seating is one way to add style while maximizing space. One side of a kitchen island can easily become a bench at the family table, or the countertop can be designed with space to slide stools underneath. Tight spaces can be made inviting and cozy by adding a window seat or built-in desk for the kids to do their homework.

5) Contrasting cabinets

There are so many varying options when it comes to cabinetry that it can be hard to choose just one style or finish. Why not choose more than one? Use light colored uppers and dark lowers, or open shelving on one side and glass doors on the other. Any easy way to make a statement in the kitchen is to choose a contrasting color for cabinetry in an island – add a pop of blue or green and make it a focal point in the room.

6) Unique lighting

Fluorescent lighting in the kitchen is a thing of the past. Choosing light fixtures that you love can tie this space into the rest of the home, but the options don’t stop there! Place recessed lighting underneath upper cabinets to light the countertops and make the space feel upscale. This is also a great place to hide electrical outlets – necessary for a functional kitchen, but not exactly pretty to look at.

7) Specialized appliances

Choosing a refrigerator or dishwasher with the same custom finish as your cabinets will most certainly make your kitchen feel high-end. You can also indulge in more specialized appliances, like a hands-free faucet, a steam oven, or bluetooth enabled appliances that will sync to your phone. Whatever your dreams are for your luxurious kitchen, DMM can make them happen!

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