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Making the Case for Custom built-ins

The simple beauty of building your own home is the option to customize features in every room. At DMM, we have become experts in adding custom shelving or cabinets to your home that enhance its functionality and visual appeal. We do everything – from a bookshelf in the kids’ room to the floor-to-ceiling media unit. If you dream it up, we can take care of the design and make it fit into your budget. Here are a few ideas to get your imagination moving!

Living Rooms & Family Rooms

The living room is just as the name describes – it is the space where your family lives. It is the place where everyone gathers for movie night or where you host company. It should be an inviting space that is full of people – not things that are out of place.

  • A wall-to-wall media unit makes your TV blend into the room while providing the space for you to display family photos and other cherished possessions.
  • Your built-in shelves can go from generic to genius when backed with a bright paint color or wall-paper, or when left unpainted to match your exposed beams.
  • Use glass cabinet doors to change the look of shelving, while still displaying your personal style.
  • Use cabinets with sliding shelving as a space to store throw blankets and remotes.
  • Make a statement and get away from the typical white built-ins by choosing to paint your shelves a deep navy, or give the wood a wash for a more rustic feel.
Playrooms & Home Office

Storage solutions are helpful for every family, but particularly for those with babies or young children. Playrooms are often considered a “lost cause” – doomed to a life of lego-strewn carpets and scribble-covered walls. Yet all it takes is strategically-placed shelving, kid-height cabinets, and a dash of creativity to make these spaces inviting for all members of the family.

  • Use the corner of the room to add built-in homework desks, or a workspace surrounded by shelving for the grown-ups.
  • Create an inviting reading nook complete with a toy-bench window seat for putting things away.
  • Cubbies built to fit your favorite baskets can also hold books sorted according to color and become a design statement.
  • Take things to the next level with a lofted area for napping or a custom kid-sized playhouse that looks like it belongs in the space.
Kitchen & Dining Rooms

When it comes to the kitchen, the possibilities for useful built-ins truly are endless. This space probably holds the most items in your home – from plates and cups to spices and appliances – but built-ins can be designed with your stuff in mind so that everything has a “home.”

  • Add a custom herb garden to the wall with shelves designed as the perfect spot for a pot or planter.
  • Use a combination of metal and wood to create open shelving that gives your kitchen a more industrial feel.
  • Turn the passage from kitchen to dining into a custom butler’s pantry complete with a mini-fridge and ice-maker, or design a wine rack that makes it easy to find the perfect pairing for dinner.
  • Create a pantry that is conducive to organization and maximizes storage space. Use molding to disguise slide-out spice racks or storage spots for cleaning supplies.
  • Hide the trash can out of sight and create a slide out space that makes it simple to separate recyclables and compostable items.
  • Build a buffet or china cabinet with beautiful custom lighting to display your china or glassware.
  • Use banquette seating in tight spaces to create a cozy spot to sit, eat, and talk with the family.
Overlooked spaces

The most valuable built-ins are the ones that turn formerly unusable space into features you can’t imagine living without. When you start looking at corners and window nooks as places to be creative with design, the possibilities are endless.

  • The laundry room obviously needs storage space for detergent and fabric softener, but you can also add sliding hampers for sorting colors or disguise an ironing board for ease of use.
  • The mudroom can be turned into a hard-working space for storing backpacks, coats, shoes, and other devices without feeling cluttered.
  • Hallways often have spot that can be transformed into a tucked-away workspace or sleeping cubby for the family pet.
  • Staircases can be the perfect place for slide out shelving or cubbies that walk up the wall.
  • Add shelving to a door-frame for the perfect spot to tuck cookbooks or textbooks.

Built-ins have the power to turn unexpected places into functional assets, and all of these features will add to the resale value of your home. Let’s be honest, though – once your custom home is perfect, you won’t ever want to leave!