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Trends in 2017 – Kitchen & Bath

In 2017, clients come to DMM for what’s fresh in kitchens and bathrooms. From the perfect stone countertops to the drawer-pull details, we will make your dream home design a reality. When renovating and remodeling, our top priority is improving the look, layout, and functionality of the existing space. For those preparing for retirement, we add safety and convenience features to ensure a smooth transition into later life. For growing families, we integrate the latest technology through installing smart appliances and custom lighting.

A well-designed kitchen translates to healthier habits – less eating out, more cooking with fruits and vegetables, and spending more time with family! Innovative built-ins can maximize formerly unreachable nooks, simplifying storage and food prep. Perfectly designed pantries and cabinets can reduce clutter and add custom features, such as a charging station or message board. Even smaller kitchens feel inviting when opened up to other areas, such as the family room or an outdoor patio. Amplify your square-footage by creating a space where everyone wants to gather!

In the bathroom, we combine simplicity and luxury to form an inviting retreat! Everyone wants the place they start and end their day to be easy to clean and easy to organize. Those solutions can be achieved through custom shelving and cabinetry, as well as new appliances. But a master bath can be so much more! Clients often desire to make their bathroom more functional for two through adding double vanities and private spaces, such as separate water closets or dressing areas. Others desire a spa-like feel and high-end touches like chandelier lighting and stone countertops. One popular option is to skip the tub in favor of a large shower with a rainfall shower head and steam features. If a spot to soak is preferred, custom mood lighting and whirlpool functions make for a relaxing escape. The bathroom is also the perfect place to integrate high-tech features. Start small with a towel warming drawer or shower speaker, or go all the way with a self-cleaning toilet and a TV screen disguised as a mirror.

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t have every custom feature you can dream up when building your own home. If you’re staying in place, renovation can create a totally new experience in your existing space. From families hoping to maximize their time together to couples planning to age in place, you can trust DMM to provide the right materials and excellent service you seek.